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Lady Chimera

Lineart from . I am really happy with this x3. Well, I liked the coloring when I was done, but thought it was missing something so I messed around with effects for awhile. Then I REALLY liked it xD.

But that's just me.

lineart from Nire-chan aka 456 on here
Zaku and Dosu c. Kishimoto Masashi

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This is just so beautiful! Its positively breath-taking!

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very well done!

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I knew I'd seen this before... I've seen it on Y!G ^_^

Glad to see it here too.

Nice stuff lady!

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Oooo...I love this! I like the feathery-ness of the hair, and how dim the light looks. And...what's this? *looks closer* Blushing! Big Smile Favorite

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Wow.. i really love this piece.. just no matter how much i look at it.. i never get tired of it.. its really beautiful! Favorite

makes me want to snuggle X3

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I usually don't allow people to submit two versions of something when they are really close to looking the same. So please delete one.

Personally I like this version better :-3


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Ooo, I like this one. I love the texture in the background and the consistency of the colors; they look almost like water colors. This version seems much softer and really adds in the emotion portrayed by the lineart. Awesome coloring job! Smile

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