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OMG this thing...THIS THING!! It gave me so much grief over the passed few weeks, broke my reserve money stash, and took many hours of sleep away! But it was worth it. It was well received by my teacher and class. There were so many awesome sculpts at the final critique!! I wish I could take pictures of them all!

Anyway yeah my teacher liked it so much he's going to recommend it for the display cases in the school hallways for all to see *excitment!!* and he also asked me to be one of his sculptors for this stop-motion project he's working on. I had to turn him down though I still need much practice before I'm comfortable with this medium.

It's finished and I couldn't be happier I hope you guys dig it as much as I do. (Sorry for the bad photos XP I'll try and take better ones when I get it back)

Want to see the whole process?

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Loving the pose and the wing rig.

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This is amazing! I stumbled across while checking up on the site and am veeeeery very impressed. I also followed your process on DA too; it's so crazy!

I've always wanted to approach sculpting; how do you go about creating the base for the sculpture? It looks like there was foil involved, maybe?

Again, absolutely excellent work. My hat's off to you for sticking with it like you did. There's no greater reward than seeing the finished project!

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Wow, Jilly! You did an amazing job! What medium is this? Wood?

kudos to you. I've never had the patience to completed a full sculpture, and you certainly pulled off the 3D aspect very well. Smile

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