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This is one of my newer works. Done in crayola colored pencils. Pose came from another picture. Not the biggest kikyo fan but i love to draw her. ^^

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So beautiful! And with crayola pencils? :O That's amazing! I always had so much trouble with them.

Is the black in her hair actually done in the crayola pencils, or ink?

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Aaaaah! Very nice Kikyo drawing! Very pretty ^_^

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Well, you got everyone showing you some lovin on your Kikyo pic. Well i dont blame them, its very soft and beautiful.

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I don't like InuYasha, but this picture is realli pretty.
Well done.

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oh! I didn't tell you I loved this pic already? Well, it's probably one of the best Kikyo fanart pics I've seen so far! LOVE IT! Heart

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This is a beautiful drawing. I love the work you've done on the soul collectors. Kikyo's pose is great too. +fav!


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Your style is so soft and whimsical; I love it! I know you've had everyone and their brother ask you this, but how in the world did you achieve that depth of color with Crayola? I can hardly get that depth with Prismacolors! Wacko

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oh, psy, yu never cease to amaze me. I've been hanging around Otaku longer then you and I still think you can so FAR better then any of them. ^_^ Aweosme work!

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