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               These are the two hosts from MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000....a hilarious comedy show that was shown on cable stations Comedy Central & Sci-Fi (now SyFy)  during the 1990's. The guy on the left is show creator & original host Joel Hodgson as the character Joel Robinson. The the right is his successor Michael J. Nelson as Mike Nelson. Either Joel or Mike would watch a really crappy movie joined by robots Tom Servo & Crow T. Robot....where they would hurl wisecracks or "riffs". Joel or Mike and "The Bots" would be in sillouette...or "ShadowRama" in the bottom amongst "movie theater seats". You'll have to look it up on the web for more information if you're not familiar with it. Whole episodes can be seen on sites like YouTube.

                I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I'm an infamous MST3K Fangirl. I think Joel & Mike were major cuties! Joel's adorkable & Mike's a hunk. I could write much more except it's getting late & I have eyestrain. Anyway, waddaya think of my pic?

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Best show agreed--and I lurve your original style! Seems to be a shot in the dark to see any art that isn't a copied style anymore!

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Best show ever

Procrastinate Later! words to live by.

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