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Tags: inuyasha, inuyasha fanart, anime, sesshomaru


Completed: Oct 6, 2005

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This is a picture I promised LadyAnime quite some time ago, alas, I got caught up with college and the life surrounding it, and it fell by the way side. Well, this weekend, I finally said, "Heidi, get this done,", and I did! Laughing Happy belated birthday Kristina, and thank you for being such a marvelous friend.
I took this image into PSP 7 and played around with it alot. This is the first image I've done a real 'mixing' of effects, and I think it turned out nicely. Also, what, or who, could Sesshomaru be thinking about? Hmmm...*winks at Lady*

A screenshot was used a reference for this Wink Inuyasha isn't mine Big Smile

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This is great! I love the detail.

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wow! i love this! very nice! Wink Wave

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This is gorgeous! There's such a dreamy, floaty kind of quality to this; and absolutely brilliant use of the watercolor effect. It has that feudal-Japan look to it... You never cease to amaze, Heidi! ^_^

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on this one all i can say is awesome..just awesome...

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wow-iez!!!!! this is awesome! grr, now i'm jealous! haha. you did a beautiful job. this is amaizing! haha, well keep it up (my b-day's feb, 26) *wink wink* lol, anyways... Sweat Drop *starts cracking up* i've never been so blunt,hahahaha!!!! anyways, i really like your work so far, you're very tallented.

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oh i love this! esp the colors! it looks antique

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Very epicI like they style you used!!!

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This is an excellent piece. Lucky LadyAnime! I love the color mixing you've done with it. It really gives it a nice mood. +fav!


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Ooo, I am faving this, this is beautiful!! Its as if someone captured Sesshoumaru at his most emotional stage, and it fits the entire scheme. I love it wonderful job!!

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Oh i love this! Favorite

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