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This is for the "Spring" contest at #SessKik (DA) group. My first art piece for this couple. smiley

When I first heard of Sess/Kik, I wasn't so sure it would work out for me. However, I would think that Kikyo would be a much better option than Kagome. I think Sesshomaru could handle Kikyo much better than Kagome. Kagome is a gal for the more rowdy boys, like InuYasha and Kouga. wink

Well, enough on the pairing itself. I decided to outline the background in line-art this time. What do you think? Is it better than a background that only uses brushes?

Also the flowers at the bottom are representing each of them. Sesshomaru's is red and Kikyo's is white with a hint of red on it.

All brushes used can be found here:



(c) Rumiko Takahashi

(c) InuYashaReader

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