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This is my last piece before I get to start my doujinshi 'Bound by Fate'! Hooray! 

I was originally going to make this in color with Photoshop, but honestly, I thought I would practice tones and get a better knowing of how things worked in Manga Studio so my doujinshi won't be as hard to make.

The perspective is a bit off in this due to the fact that Kagome is at a weird angle on the ground, but just pretend that the mokomoko/armor is slightly up on the trunk of the tree I suppose. 

And if anyone is reading this, does anyone know if there is a Magnetic Lasso in Manga Studio? If there is, I would love to know it would be extremely helpful. 

In this piece, all I got is Kagome stealing InuYasha's mokomoko and mocking him, is InuYasha so happy about it?  Use your imagination on what would happen next.


(c) Rumiko Takahashi

(c) InuYashaReader

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Ah- Manga studio. I learnt that program a while ago for one of my comics at the same time as learning illustrator. I should've played around with it first too >.< Screentoning isn't as easy as it looks eh? There's alot of tricks to getting Manga studio right without printing moire effects all over the page in your final ^^;

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