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Completed: unknown

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Hmmm Umbra's half demon form... a much nicer and well done picture. I spend all friggin week on this prick. He's flashing his colors, and showing his lordship over much of hell and purgatory. Umbra... the Arch Demon of the Underworld.

Yeah... that was cool... love him. He's cute.

Umbra (c) GrimRippy

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The effort you put into this is nothing short of obvious. It looks great. Smile

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WOW! A.ma.zing Big Smile

I luff it! Keep up the good work! This is awesome!

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Love it! Umbra looks very aristocratic with the upturned face. The colors are splendid.


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This is great! Very dark I love all the colors! Good Job!

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Damn, he's awesome. I love the various red tattoos all over his body. I also like how the wings look like arms from his back--very cool effect.

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