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    Yes, I am doing dragons with clay also, not just birds~ I usually don't put up WIPs, since I feel like it slightly spoils the end result, but seeing how I have no idea what my plans are for this one (besides that it'll be raku fired, since it is a class assignment) I wanted to put something up to show that I am still working on ceramics.
    ~I also wanted to put it up to say that I'm opening commissions for dragon figurines! The style that I'd do figurines in would vary between this (more realistic) and another piece (more "cartoony," which I'd also put a WIP of, except it's waiting to be bisqued), and I could make them of specific characters, which I wasn't offering for the birds- though it is harder to make a dragon than a bird, so they'll cost more- I'll post the prices later. What do you guys think, how many of you are interested? Let me know!
    As a side note, I think my campus is cursed -_- My ceramics class is on Fridays, and part of why little/no finished ceramics have been put up is because at first, I needed to make the pieces, then they were firing. Then, 2 Fridays ago, weather conditions caused power outages in the campus, slowing down the ceramics classes. Last Friday was president's day, so no class (and no progress on clay for a whole week). I came in today, and apparently there was a gas leak ormsomething on campus, so gas was down- which has brought almost all kilns to a halt, including the bisque pieces, high fire pieces, and raku kiln, and as result has caused a backing up of pieces waiting to get fired. On the bright side, electricity is fine, so electric kilns are still a go, lol. Hopefully the pipe gets fixed soon so that people can work on their clay, though I hope nothing else happens to mess with the class. *Goes to find a curse remover*

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Oooh, pretty. ^_^ I like the pose and scale texture.

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Oh wow, that's a lot of tiny detail! this is amazing Big Smile Have you decided to paint it yet??

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