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I am trying to have some diversity in my sculpture, so I like doing other things, but dragons are still my fav. This was inspired by a heart pendant one of my peers made as a necklace, and I finally got around to making a dragon pendant. It's about two (?) inches tall I think, pretty small by my standards- small things are surprisingly hard to make. It's colors didn't come out as expected, but that is the life of a raku artist, lol. This little sucker was a pain to pick up with tongs, I had to attach a wire loop to it, and after it was reduced, I literally was searching for it for at least ten minutes through the smoking ash so I could get it- life's and adventure, heh, but worth it in the end Smile Getting the camera to focus was flat out a pain though.

Art belongs to me, don't steal or repost, thanks.

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I love the pose ^^

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It's pretty. <3

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