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Finally a life sign, at least art wise. I thought I need more examples of my sketch commission tier but I didn`t really know what to do. So I just started and Kildare came by and demanded attention. I haven’t drawn her in ages, mostly because I haven’t played her in a session just as long but man, she’s so much fun to play.

Is it just me or is my style getting even more elfquest-y? o.o

Anyways, don’t let that sweet smile fool you, she got kicked out of her clan for being too “disturbing” meaning she picked a fight with anyone and about everything. :>

Likes to annoy dwarves, kick in doors and fights with two spears (after having thrown the third in your face).

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very pretty job on the hair!

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Nice job I can definately see thi Pini influence

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Nice hair shading, and I like the green of her clothes with those pale gold eyes. Smile
I'm not TOO surprised she's got a lot of fight in her - there's a touch of wicked in the side-eye she's giving the viewer with that smile. :p

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Her hair has the soft natural glow I imagine elves would have, nice~

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Beautiful sketch and colors


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