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The same character as in this drawing. She finally has a name! Reverie, because she's themed around dreams and nighttime.


Wondering if she needs a background for this drawing, and if so, what...

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Having her sit on something would be good- not necessarily a background.

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I like the look of her half-finished braid, and the ripple and moon-like curls on the ends of her hair.
(for backgrounds ideas I'm personally divided between like, a tall old-fashioned arched window with lots of square panes and the fanned-out pattern in the curve at the top and maybe a glimpse of sunset through it, or sitting on a curved striated gold/grey/black pattern like stylized Saturn-rings - but those are probably just me. :p)

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That braid looks like it would be handy for the amount of hair she has, I like how her hips and feet came out. Where her arms attach could use some work, but nice piece none the less. Maybe you could have a lake or waterfall in the back?

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