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This was my very first CG. Not too shabby bad for a first try. I'd hope to repost the newer version in due time. The bigest changes are the hair - more texture in the hair getting rid of the blockyness, iliminating the thick contour lines, and I got rid of the scary hands! Heh - funny how things change.

I'm no longer actively seeking crits for this image.  However, if you have something to share please do.

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He's gorgeous! He has a very commanding presence and I love how you draped the cape over his shoulders.

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That's awesome. You did a great job on him. He looks pretty hot. *winks* You know, for a demon. *smiles* I especially love the subtle hint in the center of the flap. Ooh,la la. I really like the colors in the background. They flow so beautifully together. Great job.

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Wow, the shading and colors are realy well done and this is your first CG?!

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Oh yeah cuteness!
He's handsome!
his body is so delisyoso!

Nice job good try
damn me not try that yet.

The hands needs improvement though...

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So is this the repost or the first try? I really love the hair! This is a great pic. The background is nice too. I also like the suttle shading on his body. I think it would have been better though if he wasn't so close to the edge of the paper (on the left, right, and top). If you are redoing it, just give some more space around the sides.


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