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Just a group pic of some X-Men and Women.

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I love the quality of Rogue's glove the most. I don't know, just that motion drew me into it. The rest is lovely as always, but I definitely love that detail.

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Realli nicely done,
I'm getting into the marvel flow right now,
I very much the exaggerated style you have going on here.

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This work has been moved to the X-Men Gallery Smile

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love the x-men ..... they rule....awesome work dude.... Smile

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this is really cool! Worship the best i've ever seen!

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Dude, this pic is frickin righteous! You're very talented. Keep it up.

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Very spiffy work. (Spiffy...who uses that word? Wacko Oh well. ^_^) I like the way Rogue came out most.

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holy crap- this has to be the best piece of art work I've ever seen on this site. You should draw a comic book. new Favorite

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Awesomeness! Wink I especially like Storm and Rogue in this, their poses seem just right. Yes I also like how you've done Wolverine's muscles, I'm no artist, but I've heard that muscles a hard to draw. Well done! Grin


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You are SO close to finishing the inks on this one. I need to put my foot up yer ass, honey! Corky Smile

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