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Completed: Feb 1, 2006

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Put some clothes on woman... it's freezing out there!

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Especially if that's metal! Hah, what a wonderful outfit. xD The detail is quite lovely.

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This has an awesome feel to it, kinda like the old movie "Heavy Metal"... I think this is pimp-diggity!

The greatest story ever written.




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why would she need clothes? Laughing no just kidding. Good job!

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Damn Andy this looks awesome! I can't believe I didn't review for this one...dang I am sorry. I haven't really seen you around here on PD..where have you been!?!? Big Smile But really this is an awesome peice hopefully I will see somemore...also....since the damn PM aren't working I am gonna tell you here....your pictures are so funny I was laughing! I love the facial expressions....very nice! you look like you are yelling at who ever is taking the piture....I have some of those...but...they didn't make it out of the digital Camera....I deleted them...to scarey. Nice work again on this hope to see you around here! Big Smile


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This is an amazing picture.
She's making me feel cold! Laughing
Her eye scares me (Hides behind a chair)
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Well well Andy... your pencil sure has a thing for big boobies. Laughing I think I understand why she has the angry eyes though. I don't think she actually is angry. I think her face is just frozen like that. After all the poor girl has little left of her clothing. She must have gotten them half off at the store. Hyuk hyuk. Okay well that was just corny. I think I shall go hang my head in shame now. I love your art dearheart. Yes I said dearheart. Though it makes you sound like a Care Bear. You should come show your art off on Deviant art. I am a member there and I will be your friend. Yes After all, we are supposed to get married remember? So I kind of have to be your friend. Wink Just kidding. You know I love you more than chocoalte milk. And I just spelled chocolate wrong. And I don't know why I am bothering to tell you that. And I am done talking now. No seriously. I'm done. You can stop reading now. Why are you still reading Andy? This last sentence won't tell you anything new and interesting. OKay. I'm really done now. Toodles, tut tut and cheerio and all that.

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What an intense look she has! *hides* Her breasts seem a little uneven, but I guess breats can be like that in real life, so why not in fantasy art, too, right? lol Really nice details and shading!

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