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Thanks to everyone who read my stories!

RC- Demonic Ascendant

PD- Back When We Were Dumb, A Betrayed Heart's Plea, and Tears Of Blood

Please don't steal my work because:
1) it's all (c) me, Caroline J. Clemons, and
2) I'll have to send my aunt's pitbull Sparky to kill you if you steal any of my stuff.

Thankies and keep reading! Wink

Oh and the dragon is Dragonias. She's a water type dragon from Tears of Blood. She comes into the story around chapter four. And the crab is... no, the crab is just a little sand crab. Laughing

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Alright! I'm happy for you!! Your stories rock!Coloring would be nice, but its up to you. I would like to see it colored! ^^

"Oh my Godsss!" -PpgZ Snake

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I forgot to add please tell me if you think I should color this thing.

Who named you "Taste Police" anyway?

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