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Just felt like drawing them. =3

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Very nice. Smile

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Nice! ^_^

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I really like that. It's very good. ^_^

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I like this pic

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I'm not much of a Harry Potter fan, but that is very well done. I love your style.

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This looks so great! As though you hand painted it.>3>3 Love the looks on their faces, and is that the Marauders' Map? Grin I'm going to Favorite this! XD

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wow! this has to be your best one yet! great job!

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This is really good! What did you use? It looks like paint to me. The expressions are done very well. Kudos!

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Wow... O.O! This is sooo beautiful!I love the wicked smile on Sirius` face! Evil Great job! Yes

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its wonderful..i love the way you portraid them..the faces look really well especially remus..looks so

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