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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work Original Art

Tags: graphite, armor, tattoo, flail


Completed: Oct 29, 2003

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No real comment about this one. Big guy witha flail as an arm.

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Bah, that was a surprise. I haven't seen you in Paper Demon from about when I joined here. I hope we can talk sometime. It's always nice to meet people here. Smile And I'm glad you didn't take offence. It makes me think twice before posting a comment, but I do like to be honest.
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Hi Dennis. Sorry I haven't reviewed your art earlier....Just wanted to say I may not always like what you draw but it's really impressive how you do it, and the effort you put into coloring each work and depicting the details. I did like this pic however. It looks like a monumental poster to me. And very good composition of him, the way he looks at me. Like 'the army wants you' kind of thing, hehe! Like people here said really resembles the Rock. You know, it also reminded me a pic I have seen on 3dtotal.com for an unknown reason, but I always think of that work when I see this pic. It's called 'The Princess and her Bodyguard' you can find it in the fantasy gallery there, right on the first page. I doin't know what exactly made me think of that pic but I suggest you take a look. And I hope you don't hate me for what I said. Innocent Anyway, nice to meet you. Smile

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Hi, Lloyd! I've signed up here, although I haven't put many pictures up yet. Just one. Smile But thanks again for referring this place to me! I think I'm going to like it here!

Now, as for this picture, this guy is very cool. I love his mechanized arm (a wicked weapon it is!), but especially his face tattoo. He's quite intimidating!

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I was just thinking... this character looks alot like The Rock. I'm not complaining. I rather like it. I love The Rock. Hmmm, there's an idea. Use The Rock as one of your RPG type characters. *smiles* I don't think there's really much for me to give advice on for this one. You know I love your work.

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Wow. That's really cool.

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I just got done looking at what you had posted and i must say i am very impressed. You have very good technique. I also have some art posted, check it out if ya got the time..........(lol, I do mainly vampires.........Im such a VtM nut........lol)

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What a dramatic angle. Great work with the anatomy. You did a great job depicting the texture and weight of the heavy chain! The tatoo rocks.

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