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Tis a character of mine jumping. Tongue I used a reference, which you can see here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27287165/

This pic was fun to draw. Big Smile I wanted to do another one but this was also tiring and I went to sleep right afterwards. XD The fact that it was past 12 had nothing to do with it. >_> lol!

Bad things, bad things...well, the hands turned out kinda smaller than expected, and his right shoe isn't quite the right angle. Also, in the original, it could use a little more soft pencil love (a.k.a. more contrast), but for now I turned the contrast up (digitally) a bit so that my shading is easier to see. Yes

AND OH YEAH! My scanner sucks and it cut off the pic. Sad I cried.

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Viper's hot.
I want him.

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Excellent shading awesome job Thumbs Up

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