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Galleries: Angst Fantasy Finished Work Original Art Teen Female (14-19)


Completed: Oct 19, 2006

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"It doesn't matter how beautiful the scene, how beautiful the person, how amazing the person... we all have the fear of being insecure"

I wanted to draw some kind of oxymoron picture. The colors are all very pretty and bright, and the angel has gorgeous wings, but she's still very insecure about herself... what do you guys think?? ^.^

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I really like this as well; just goes to show you can physically live up to the current standard of beauty and still not be fulfilled. Truly, a very beautiful piece Smile

"I am lost. I have gone to look for myself, if I get back, before I return, please tell me to wait." -Unknown

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Oooooooh O.O! very nice

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