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Galleries: Finished Work General Original Art Teen Male (14-19)

Tags: anime, manga, wizard, witch, pirate, sorcerer


Completed: unknown

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This is one of my characters, Damaen Oita. Damaen is a sorcerer from a country known as Gorgion. Gorgion doesn't accept any visitos, and doesn't let anyone leave. to protect this value, they've used both ancient and modern magic to erect a barrier about ten miles out to sea that surrounds the entire island. Once every five years the barrier begans to wear out and anyone can enter or exit it. One such time Damaen and his best friend Valeri comandeered a ship and escaped to the nearby vampire realm, Minoru. Damaen is the captain of his own ship and Valri is his first mate. Damaen is easily tricked and he's not a very strong willed person. If it weren't for Valeri, his crew would have committed mutiny against him. Damaen is almost engaged to another of my characters, an elf named Yuushi Shinna. I draw better headshots than anything else. I love to color brown hair. I don't know why, I'm just so fond of it.

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