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Tags: fantasy, graphite, woman, mist, clouds, pinup, mystery, necklace


Completed: Aug 16, 2005

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The original of this picture is a gift for my mother, since she has done such a good job of raising me and helping through hard decisions, as mothers are wont to do. The dedication, though, goes to my friend Lloyd, who we all know and love here, and who is a constant inspiration to me. Smile Thanks to you.

This, as the title suggests, is my version of a fantasy fortune-teller. I had a lot of fun working this one out. Tongue Graphite, about 2.5 hours total.

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i am speechless this is to good for words bravo

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this is awesome!

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Ayeeee O.o *jaw drops wide on floor* How in the WORLD did you do so good on this? and in just 2.5 hours? Wow, I wish had the talent for realism like that. But I still got ALOT more work to go through till I get that far (especially with the female body >_< Wink I love how she looks alluring in this pose. Her clothing fits nicely upon her body too, you can tell what shape she is easily. Her jewelry matches her really wlel too. I like the setting of the clouds(or is that mist?) as well, it adds a neat effect to her pose. (Man I seriously want to run up and squeeze her to death rofl, she looks so darn real lol) Favorite Corky Smile Corky Smile

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Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, Robin O.O!
. This is MARVELOUS!!!!!!! This is your best drawing in my opinion. I love her face, the position, the shading. Its beautiful, i know beauty has nothing to do with art, but its so beautiful. Great great amazing job. I'm humble by your talent. Worship
I've called everyone in the house to come and see yur art. They all love it, they congratulate you. New fav! Smile

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OMG!!! I love her....she is sooo pretty! omg I don't know what to say I love her!! Nice job Robin Favorite !!!


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Oh my holy hell Robin! She is so beautiful! Her pose is so very mesmerising. And that face... I am utterly speechless. You have gone above and beyond with this picture. She is so very alluring. Man.. I am really at a loss for words right now.

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Okay first things first. What you have done here is nothing short of a masterpiece!!! To date this is my favorite of your beautiful works.

Her face is just gorgeous and the expression you gave her gives me the feeling of innocence and serenity. I also get a playful teasing from it too.

That dress is just one incredibly alluring number but I just want you to know that her figure is what makes the dress fabulous. She fills it ever so nicely and the swell of her breasts are perfecta as they are neither too large nor too small. You attained that perfect ballance of size and shape. The female form is such a beautiful thing to behold indeed which is truely evident in this flawless piece.

The accesories also are worth mentioning as they ever so lightly almost caress her busom and intwine her hair, which if I may, looks as provocative as that brief glimpse of thigh and hip.

I was going to skip remarking on them but those eyes are just drawing me in. What sort of thoughts are behind those eyes? They have a mischeivous playfulness that makes me want to explore.

Even the way you've positioned her is perfect. As I look upon it I can't see her in any other way. She is in that pose because she could be in no other pose. If she was holding the globe in another position other than the position it is in would just change the entire piece completely. It is there because it is perfect there. Just like the back and foreground are what they are because they could not be anything else.

A masterpiece Robin, an undeniable masterpiece.

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w00t! Minimaid is back! And with force as well I might add. Wow Minimaid, I really, really like this one. Very cool. Favorite

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O.O! Wow Minimaid. This is really wonderful. I really like how you did her face and her arms. Great work. I can't believe it only took you 2 and a half hours


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