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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Finished Work Male/Male - Yaoi Romance

Tags: vegeta, dbz fanart, goku, dragonballz, dbz yaoi


Completed: Jan 10, 2006

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I wasn't really sure whether or not to put this in Paperdemon or the
Redcurtain, so I put it in the Redcurtain just to be safe. They're not technically doing anything very naughty (yet Wink ) but Vegeta's pants are undone, so... Hehe, anyway, enjoy!

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We *heart* Goku in a suit! This is a deliciously implicative picture--fantastic! And in an age of Photoshop, how I love to see a traditional medium. What did you use? Colour pencil? Either way, excellent job. ^_^


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Wow!!! This is really beautiful!!!!!! Grin The coloring is perfect!damn,how do you guys do that?! Grin Laughing The piccy is awesome! I love the pose and Veggie`s chest is just...Reow baby! Grin Grin Evil Evil Awesome piccy!You`re an amzing artist indeed!!!!This piccy is very hot!!!! Evil Keep up the good work! Heart !

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wow lovely picture! Their figures and the shadings are perfect! Great job!

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Perfekt coloring! How long do you need for such a color work? And the pose is beautyful!

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Dang, I wanna jump in there too *drools* Laughing Very hot!!! I love Vegeta's chest!!


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*sighs* Another kissing picture. I love pics of my favorite Saiyans kissing. Goku's outfit suits him. Great colors and textures as well. *sighs again* Loving pictures... Heart

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Humm.. I don't know wether it would belong here or in PD..I wish they had a list for something like this.( Like if the characters are doing sertain things or stuff like that..can be confusing sometimes ) But anyways I love your pic you've got here of Goku and Vegeta it is very nice.Ooo Vegeta's pants..*-* undone ? Naughty..but I love it!! Favorite Oh one more thing, I have something similar I am going to post like this (but not with Goku and Vegeta.)Do you think I should post it on here instead of on PD ? *scratches head*

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OMFG THAT ROCKS!! XD I love the shading. And I especially like Goku's outfit.

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