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Tags: assasin


Completed: Feb 6, 2006

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This picture took me mad amounts of time. Between CG style changes, cons, and being just plain ass lazy.... but it's done, and I'm quite happy with it!! This picture made me slip into madness.....

I am of glee that it is done for sure. I never want to see the fucking picture again as far as I can say.... hahahaha too much time staring into the madness. Hahahaha

Well there he is. Aya D in all his crazy glory.

Thank you to shysuiko for the openCanvas teachings!


Like a tard I forgot to add the smoke to Aya's cigarette. Silly me.

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wow this is reall really great!! I love the gun!! This is definately a new favorite! Grin

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awesome pic! love how you did the gun! great job! And your guy is so badass! love him!

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His attitude definitely stands out - this is awesome, GrimRippy! Favorite

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Holy crap that rocks!! I love the hair and the outfit! The coloring is great! XD

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