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Been a while since I have posted here!

This is for a lovely girl, Vampy.
They are both demons. Though Vincent is a horsedemon.
From our trade. We both drew these two characters. Only in her pic Zeige is seme......I think Zeige is a sexy uke D:

This is such a weird pose........XD

Left to right......
VincentZero belongs to me.
Zeige belongs to Vampy.

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Well now. That's hot. I love their designs! Great looking characters.

Sora kara ochitekuru no wa are wa ame de wa nakute

That which fell from the sky was not rain

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I very like that pic... ( damn hot )
Theyre tails are awwsome... Big Smile

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You did a great job with their bodies, they look perfect to me. And the hands and feet are so well drawn; I especially like that foot with the claws.

The coloring and the shading is also wonderfully done, I like those earthy tones.

And the pose is indeed weird, or better say, interesting.

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OH wow O.O! what amazing eye for detail you have

* You dont have to LIKE my work just learn to RESPECT it *


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