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Posted Aug 16, 2011, 8:29:37 AM

omg I'm finally done~~~!!! Here's the new poster, to compliment my bleach chibis poster

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  • Aug 17, 2011
    This is real cool... well done!
  • Aug 30, 2011
    haha this is lovely, i like despite normally i don't like "cute pictures". ^^
    lolz, lee is the only one with such a tight swimming outfit, typical XD
    too bad it's just the konoha kids, i'd love to see the suna kids as well XD
    • Aug 30, 2011
      suna? Is that uh... gaara and them?
      • Aug 30, 2011
        ah, yeah, sorry...^^;
        "suna-gakure" is "sand village". =)