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Suicide Blonde

Posted Sep 22, 2013, 4:55:09 AM

Okay DC Comics, I’m ready to have my work horribly mistreated to please your stable of hacks I MEAN to win my award and be a famous comic artist now.

I mean I drew Harley naked and attempting suicide which is not at all misogynistic or childish since you show full nudity all the time without any censorship and deal with it on a mature level. This is a profound artistic statement, I know you guys are all about those.

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  • Sep 24, 2013
    I read an article about that competition. There are not enough women leaders in the comic and gaming industry and it shows with offensive contests like this.

    I tend to believe that if someone is offended by something that's their problem. But what DC comics did with this contest was at the very least insensitive, in poor taste, and bad for pr.
    • Sep 24, 2013
      Yeah, I thought it was incredibly tacky.

      I think the problem is multifaceted and multi-layered; Marvel and DC need to be looked at less as leaders or a golden standard, when in fact their output has been abysmal for some time and they don't care about most of their creators, nor do they care about readers -- and they haven't for a long while.

      They hire on people here and there -- and many comic professionals work as independent contractors or contract workers anyway these days -- and try to retain the ones that they can use to (they imagine) defeat any criticism. And the fanboys/fangirls who seem to have a kind of Stockholm Syndrome attitude towards buying comics, waiting in vain for the titles and characters to improve, can be counted on to defend any of these types from criticism from anyone else.

      I firmly maintain that independent comics are the way of the future, and it's stunts like DC's here that really prove how much the 'big two' are completely and utterly out of touch.

      Personally I think this contest in particular was tasteless, but I think it reflects more the lack of any quality standard for writing and lack of any editing or revision...if this had actually been passed around and thought about to any length, someone surely would have said 'hey, maybe this is kind of a stupid idea'. I don't think they were trying to offend...but the fact that they could be so clueless and so deeply offensive in doing so really speaks volumes about how poorly they do business and how little they actually consider what they do at all.
      • Sep 25, 2013
        One of the things that really excites me about the internet is how much more power individuals have now. There was an independent comic that I saw on Indiegogo a couple months ago that was just BEAUTIFUL and looked just as good if not better than anything professional. I love to support that kind of stuff. Too many middle men getting their cut of everything and the industry only reflects their taste. The internet really brings power back to the artists and the people so they can support the type of content they want.
        • Sep 25, 2013
          I think so too. And really, to me professional is in an approach and what one makes of it. I think honestly that professionalism is more of an attitude, a way of comporting oneself, than it is any particular appearance.

          I think the time has really come to shift away from enforced homogeny. I've seen so many gloriously distinctive styles in comics, and I hope people embrace their uniqueness.

          But yes, you're entirely right. The internet and the things that have sprouted up because of it, directly or indirectly, have put a lot of power in people's hands. That's good. I think that's definitely how it should be!
  • Oct 7, 2013
    Good luck! ^w^
  • Aug 5, 2014
    This just seemed to me that DC was glamorizing Suicide.
    • Aug 9, 2014
      Yeah, basically DC were being really tacky. This was my response to that.