Masahiro Duke of Riosne

Posted Dec 2, 2018, 5:42:21 PM

Quick little portrait of Masahiro of the Vir, just and excuse to see him in color really wink Needed a mental break this week due to intense time at work, so I grabbed one of the expressions from Inktober and took a closer look.  Not quite sure what he's about here, aside from my desire to capture more of a 'regal' look at the man.  He starts out in my story as stripped of title mostly due to his father's actions but wouls have at the very least been viscount of a large territory.  Eventually he begins to claim the heritage and connection to royalty of his neighboring nation from his mother's bloodline.  Being greatgrandson to a prince, he is labeled a duke and later becomes Prince Consort for marrying my protagonist.  He's usually laughing, a bright and happy optimist overall. This portrait captures the stren look his face can give him, but I'm not quite sure if that seriousness reaches his eyes in this one.  I could see him trying overly to be serious as he's being examined and would prefer to cause a little bit of amusement for himself at any moment.

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  • Dec 5, 2018
    i really love this piece !! you have excellent command over shading and color, and the brightness of his eyes- both color and in their shine- really conveys that he would usually be a very positive person !!! if anything id say his ears seem rather large proportionally but that could be a stylistic choice/just How They Are haha !! i especially love how the purpley warmth of the background contrasts with the color scheme and undertones of his face and shirt, maybe the lips stand out a little bit apart from this ? overall this piece is absolutely stunning, amazing work !!!!
    • Dec 5, 2018
      also oh my god i just noticed the fantastic detail work on the shirt collar !!! stunning !!!!