Masahiro Duke of Riosne

Posted Dec 2, 2018, 5:42:21 PM

Quick little portrait of Masahiro of the Vir, just and excuse to see him in color really wink Needed a mental break this week due to intense time at work, so I grabbed one of the expressions from Inktober and took a closer look.  Not quite sure what he's about here, aside from my desire to capture more of a 'regal' look at the man.  He starts out in my story as stripped of title mostly due to his father's actions but wouls have at the very least been viscount of a large territory.  Eventually he begins to claim the heritage and connection to royalty of his neighboring nation from his mother's bloodline.  Being greatgrandson to a prince, he is labeled a duke and later becomes Prince Consort for marrying my protagonist.  He's usually laughing, a bright and happy optimist overall. This portrait captures the stren look his face can give him, but I'm not quite sure if that seriousness reaches his eyes in this one.  I could see him trying overly to be serious as he's being examined and would prefer to cause a little bit of amusement for himself at any moment.

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  • Dec 5, 2018
    i really love this piece !! you have excellent command over shading and color, and the brightness of his eyes- both color and in their shine- really conveys that he would usually be a very positive person !!! if anything id say his ears seem rather large proportionally but that could be a stylistic choice/just How They Are haha !! i especially love how the purpley warmth of the background contrasts with the color scheme and undertones of his face and shirt, maybe the lips stand out a little bit apart from this ? overall this piece is absolutely stunning, amazing work !!!!
    • Dec 5, 2018
      also oh my god i just noticed the fantastic detail work on the shirt collar !!! stunning !!!!
      • Dec 23, 2018
        Thank you again Getsmucked! I love textile, and not that my world exists in a particular time, it is based on roughtly 1350-1550 looks and technology. Nothing is ever left flat in this time, for this one I chose a very simple 'black work' type of design, some Italian shirt from like 1500 I believe...Since he's supposed to be a lesser lord, figured he would have something embelished 😉
    • Dec 23, 2018
      Thank you so much for your feedback, Getsmucked! Oh yes, lips still give me a bit of a fight but I tried to do a little better in the last piece I did. I noticed myself struggling the same way and caught it better I hope Smile His ears are a bit large, maybe here I went a little too big, but he is disproportionate in places by design. Can't tell here, but his people's hands are a bit big as well, and as a shapeshifter I draw him in five different ways so I may have lost track a little here if you know what I mean lol. I frequently work in black and white, but love color too :)
  • Dec 23, 2018
    Wow! Amazing. Great expression and detailsSmile!
  • Jan 27, 2019
    Wow, your artwork is amazing! :O I like his eyes, they look so gentle and jovial.
    • Jan 28, 2019
      Thank you so much, Yuri, and thank you for taking a look at some of my stuff! My story is starting out where my main character meets this gentleman, so I'll be drawing a whole lot more of him grimalkin, but it's still him!
      • Jan 30, 2019
        You're very welcome. Smile What is grimalkin? Is he a shapeshifter?
        • Feb 1, 2019
          Hey Yuri! Well from what I can tell grimalkin is associated with a witch's feline familiar...some stories say they are the witch herself in the form of a cat. They also overlap with some of the stories of cait sidhu, Scotland's fairy or spectral cat. In any case, 'grimalkin' is what Masahiro's people call themselves when they are in their feline like form😉 When Muidemi first meets him, he is this giant cat-thing that nobody can seem to identify. In their modern age, Masahiro's people rarely shapeshift.
          • Feb 1, 2019
            Sorry, cait sidh... trying to write on my phone lol
          • Feb 3, 2019
            That's interesting! So does he follow her around as a cat for a while first before revealing himself? Big Smile
            • Feb 8, 2019
              Haha, you guessed it Yuri! Not exactly by choice, by page 10 of my comic you'll start to find out why ;) He ends up being a little "stuck" for a while, and for the first 2 months he's with her she doesn't know what he is.