Colour Collective Opera Rose

Posted Mar 16, 2019, 7:08:31 PM

I've been increadibly busy, but not doing too many stand alone pieces until my friend challenged me to take up working on twitter's colour collective. A fun little weekly color challenge, which has been added to my practice routinešŸ˜Š Here we have an expanded upon sketch dailies piece I did some time ago for Paper Demon, Muidemi at the age of 9 strolling in the garden with her cousin. The last year of her freedom, at 10 she is coroned and announced to marry upon her 16th birthday.  All of that is interrupted in the course of her tale. For more on that, check out my webcomic, Matriarch, in the red curtain (loading slightly pixlated there, sorry). I am also on the duck webcomics 

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  • Mar 26, 2019
    Her mask is done well, its color and form fits royalty. I enjoy the tree in the back, its vivid and the blossoms almost appear like soft gems set into the garden.
  • Mar 18, 2019
    Radiant! I love her smile, and you did great with the flowing folds of her clothes.