Renie and Leif - Easter 2014

Posted Nov 17, 2019, 9:18:27 PM

{Written in 2014}

Renie and Leif for Easter this year! Leif is also the younger brother of Barley Wood. Look! Leif has a bunny in his arms too! :aww: :heart:

I started it overnight on Easter and worked on it after I took a nap during the day, but was unable to finish it on Easter since I was busy at family supper and then yesterday I was busy with Michael running family errands which left me exhausted afterwards. ^^;

So, for Earth Day I finally had the time to post this! :)

The background was made using Corel Painter tools, and overall 'tis supposed to have a very simple Easter greeting card quality to it. :aww:

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