My history with PaperDemon

Aug 10, 2021, 7:34:51 AM | 2 Comments | 2 min read

I originally joined PaperDemon on April 20th, 2010 under my nickname, Pris (my brothers' pet name for me after we watched Blade Runner in 2009), when I was joining several art sites at the time, but after uploading a handful of my art, I forgot about PD... before re-joining several years later on March 14th, 2016 as LunarArtist (my main screen name online), but again I wasn't active... and yet again on January 29th, 2018 as IceTigerOfRussia (I'm a Yuri on Ice cosplayer; Yuri Plisetsky is known as the Ice Tiger of Russia btw), where I uploaded some art (seems I closed this account though, for some reason?)... and again later on August 12th, 2018, when I wanted another screen name, as Yuri (based on both Yuris from Yuri on Ice as well as Dr. Kiriko's sister Yuri from Black Jack; which is this account here), two days after I got out of the hospital that I had voluntarily checked myself in. I was attracted to PD for it's focus on mental health awareness, something that I was big on since my teen years. I then became active on Discord as Yuri for a time, I remember joining the Secret Santa in 2018 (and have done so every year since!), and I later asked for my PD screen name to be officially changed to my birth name, Alexandria, when I was due to be published in The Red Curtain 2020 calendar as both an artist and volunteer. I am now part of the staff and help run social media as well as host meetups and answer questions roleplayers may have about the PaperDemon Art RPG.

Shout out to my co-workers and friends: Susie, Harper, Susan, and Miriam (who I had introduced to PD, previously having met in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom in 2017).

My brother, Mikau, is also on PD as OctoberNocturne. I'm trying to get our other brother, Rob, and my best friend, Matthew, to join PD with us!



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