Back in business

Sep 7, 2008, 3:48:32 PM | 0 Comments | 2 min read

Perhaps this entry is a little late, but I do often forgot I have a little journal here!  :P

After my year gone up to the frozen north, I am back at my home with a scanner nearby and pencil in hand.  Inspiration has hit, and I am working on a new series entitled "Spirits of Music", as anyone reading this has probably seen.

My bog brother is engaged now, so I ahve that wedding to look forward to in the years to come, and my best friend is also pregnant (Yay Fembot!), so life moves on at a steady (though sometimes slightly wobbled) pace.

School is back in session, and it looks like I will ahve my hands very full this year, with a full course load to manage, the potential of a part-time job to pay the bills, and moderating/art to keep up with so I don't feel guilty anymore about neglecting both my talent and my favourite art site. *hugs PD*

I've been here long enough to see many good friends and members come and go.  While this saddens me, there seems to always be new, eager members coming up.  Not to take their place, but to offer their own opinions and ideas to our community through comments and critiques, suggestions for improvement, or even just by being here...  It makes me realise something:  I might be getting older, but the internet is pretty much immortal.

There we are, that's my deep sentimentality for the day.  Over and Out.

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