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[newsletter] ūüíó Inspiration and ūüé® Information

Posted by BogusRed

Hello creative demons,
BogusRed here with a useful dose of creative information and inspiration to nourish your inner artist.
The year is already ¬ľ of the way over. Are you working daily toward your goals of improving as an artist or writer? There's no time like the present. You can do anything you put your mind to. I'm currently working on establishing a routine of progressing on my creative goals a little bit each day which includes 10 minutes of learning and 20 minutes of creative work.¬†A little progress each day adds up to big results.
Here's some information to help you grow as an artist
I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a few of the new active members on PaperDemon. Please give them a warm welcome and throw them a few comments/favs.

I hope you enjoyed this new newsletter format. Let us know what you think by clicking [Post a reply] below. And if you totally hate it, that's ok too. Let us know and we'll try to make it better next time.

Keep on art-ing,




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[newsletter] ūüćā Autumn creative challenge, creative times

Posted by BogusRed

Hello my wonderfully creative demons,

For the past several months, my friends and I have been getting together a few times per month for "creative times". We meet late on Sunday morning for brunch and socialize. Then we hunker down and start writing, drawing, crafting, or whatever creative task we want to do. We've employed the Pomodoro technique where we work for 25 minutes, then take a short break to talk, then repeat. The dedicated 25 minutes gives us the quiet time we need to be productive. And the breaks give us a chance to bounce ideas off one another and get feedback. It's been pretty successful for us so I just wanted to share in case it's helpful for others.


Now onto the news…


This month we have a new creative challenge for the changes in the seasons; Autumn and Spring. We have a pinterest board with some inspiration.

See how to participate in the Autumn/Spring creative challenge

In June, we held an Emotion Study challenge. You're still welcome to submit for that challenge as well. Check out the Emotion Study submissions.

As always, if you have fun ideas for creative challenges or just ideas for PaperDemon in general, please let me know.




[newsletter] Destinations Art+Writing challenge, Security, Speed

Posted by BogusRed

Newsletter contents
  • Destinations Art and Writing Challenge
  • Security updates
  • Speed improvements
Destinations Art and Writing Challenge
We've just announced our art and writing challenge for April (and going into May). Post a work of art, poetry, fiction set in a location that you've always wanted to travel to.
Check out the challenge details. Deadline is May 14.
I'm thinking of doing New Zealand which has such gorgeous natural beauty and is where Hercules Legendary Journeys and Lord of the Rings was filmed (yes I'm a nerd). And also our resident moderator, Arkillian is there! I would love to go some day!
On March 13th, we launched https support for and made ongoing improvements to this over the last month. Now when you're logged in, you should always be browsing PaperDemon over an encrypted line to protect your private information from others that may be snooping in on your online activity.
On April 10th, we launched some improvements to PaperDemon including gzip and image caching to make your browsing experience faster.
And that's it! Thanks for reading all the way to the end. You deserve a cookie for that!
- BogusRed