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We're fixing some bugs

Posted by BogusRed

Hey guys. A friend of mine has started helping me make some bug fixes to PaperDemon. We made some changes to how we deploy the site so there might be some wonkiness. If you notice anything not working right, please contact me at bogusred at paperdemon dot com.

Also if there's anything about the site we can make better let us know.


Go away!

Posted by BogusRed

Seriously. You damn spammers go away. I am so damn tired of deleting your spam.

On that note, we have some updates to the site to better detect and automagically BAN these spammers. I apologize to anyone who's been getting emailed about a new comment on their art only to find out it's full of gobs and gobs of links for stupid watches, purses, and boots.

Email me if you notice anything wonky on the site or if you notice spam in general and I'll clean that shit up.


PaperDemon on pinterest

Posted by BogusRed

Hello PaperDemon members. We have a pinterest page now. We'll be pinning artwork from members who are actively posting artwork. So please follow our board and post more artwork Big Smile

View the PaperDemon pinterest page. Also we're on Twitter and Facebook as well.


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