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This week's challenge: Pride colors. 60 XP per entry.

Today's color/prompt: Orange / Healing

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[Art Writing Challenge] Pride colors

Posted by BogusRed

Greetings PaperDemons! I hope you've enjoyed the sketching challenge from last week. Don't forget to collect your XP . Recurring challenge schedule Going forward we'll...

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10 Supports to Help Make Goals Happen!

Posted by Nyatara

Making goals can be hard. Luckily, BogusRed has supplied a number of great ways to approach your goals in methodical, thoughtful ways! These methods can make it easier to accomplish what is...

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[Art Writing Challenge] Sketches and Drabbles June 2019

Posted by BogusRed

I trust you have fully recovered from our marathon challenge, Create Your Own Adventure . Now it's time to kick things off again. Wait, what's that? Hey, no groaning allowed! I promise this...

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