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[newsletter] 😊 Everyone deserves to feel welcome and comfortable

Posted by BogusRed

Greetings creative lovelys,


More creative tidbits and tutorials await in this month's newsletter below.



Your speed doesn't matter. Forward is forward. - Source


One day or day one. You decide. - Source




watercolor video


Watercolor for beginners [Video/Tutorial]
Covers types of paints, papers, wet on wet vs. wet on dry technique. It has timelapse examples, too.



Hands [Reference/Tutorials]
We received positive feedback on the hands tutorial we shared last time. I've assembled a pinterest board of more hand poses and reference material


water brush video

How to do brush lettering with a water brush [Video/Tutorial]

Did you give this tutorial a try? Let us know about it.


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Dear Stranger,

It must seem odd to hear from me again

So tell me, friend, how have you been?

A lot's happened since last our paths crossed

too much to make up for all the time we've lost


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New focus for PaperDemon and Red Curtain

Posted by BogusRed

Both PaperDemon and the Red Curtain have a renewed focus. The homepage for both sites has been updated with new mission statements that reflect my long term vision for the site. Starting with PaperDemon: is an art and writing community focused on self improvement and freedom of expression. We learn, share, and motivate one another to become more awesome.

My vision is for PaperDemon to not just continue as a community, but to be a place for artists to improve. I have plans to provide a unique and fun experience for learning to draw/paint, etc. My vision is for this to become a place where everyone encourages one another and helps each other achieve their creative aspirations. Expect more improvements to PaperDemon to come that are inline with this new focus.

We also have a change for the Red Curtain, our adult section. Henceforth, the Red Curtain will no longer be referred to as PaperDemon's "dirty little secret". The old mission statement suggested that there is shame or taboo in sexuality. And it really shouldn't be that way. The Red Curtain is a place to celebrate sexuality, not shame it. The new mission statement is below.

The Red Curtain is one of the oldest online adult art communities where eroticism and sexuality are celebrated through art, comics, and short stories. We foster an LGBTQ+ friendly place to explore a variety of art from vanilla sex to various forms of kink.

This change is personal for me. I've been on a journey the last few years which has completely changed my views on love and sexuality. While I wont divulge the details here, I will say that I feel the old statement on Red Curtain's homepage no longer reflected my values. Americans grow up with a lot of negativity, taboo, and shame around sex and our old mission statement reflected that shame. Sexuality is part of who we are. It's not to be shamed. On a personal level I will no allow myself to be embarrassed for owning an adult erotic art site. I will instead be proud to have started a community that pushes for sex positivity, embracing expression of non-mainstream sexuality, and embracing our humanity.

But placing these statements atop our site isn't enough. I need your help. It will take all of us together to make these mission statements into reality. It's up to all of us to help each other grow as artists and to be kind to one another. And it's up to us to continue celebrating each other and the wonderfully creative work we're all doing.

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Fostering more positivity in our community

Posted by BogusRed

Hey y'all. In an effort to make members feel more welcome and safe, I've started working on a new set of community guidelines and code of conduct. This is also to help build a greater sense of community here at PaperDemon. I would love if you all would take a look and offer suggestions/comments. Feel free to add your suggestions/comments below or directly in the google doc. I would love to hear your awesome suggestions and ideas.

Please review and comment on our Community guidelines draft

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