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Anxiety, and How to Do the Thing Anyway [mental health]

Posted by Indigo-Dusk

There are few things more utterly debilitating than a serious case of anxiety. Even now, I quite honestly have no idea what to write for this article and the idea of doing so ties a massive knot...

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Stop the head trash and improve your motivation in 2 minutes a day [mindset hack]

Posted by BogusRed

I've spoken to many artists who say they struggle with self confidence . You may have thoughts in your head like "There are tons of artists better than me," or "It's not going to turn out the way...

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The impermanent street art of Boise

Posted by BogusRed

Over the weekend I attended a conference that was all for creatives with online businesses in Boise, Idaho. There was a plethora of speakers, everything from YouTubers to bloggers to authors. It...

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