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[newsletter] Destinations Art+Writing challenge, Security, Speed

Posted by BogusRed

Newsletter contents
  • Destinations Art and Writing Challenge
  • Security updates
  • Speed improvements
Destinations Art and Writing Challenge
We've just announced our art and writing challenge for April (and going into May). Post a work of art, poetry, fiction set in a location that you've always wanted to travel to.
Check out the challenge details. Deadline is May 14.
I'm thinking of doing New Zealand which has such gorgeous natural beauty and is where Hercules Legendary Journeys and Lord of the Rings was filmed (yes I'm a nerd). And also our resident moderator, Arkillian is there! I would love to go some day!
On March 13th, we launched https support for and made ongoing improvements to this over the last month. Now when you're logged in, you should always be browsing PaperDemon over an encrypted line to protect your private information from others that may be snooping in on your online activity.
On April 10th, we launched some improvements to PaperDemon including gzip and image caching to make your browsing experience faster.
And that's it! Thanks for reading all the way to the end. You deserve a cookie for that!
- BogusRed


Speed improvements

Posted by BogusRed

Some behind the scene improvements have been made to PaperDemon starting yesterday to make your browsing experience a little faster...

  • Caching configured for images (sorry I should have done that a long time ago)
  • Gzip enabled

I've also fixed html and css validation errors, which required dropping various hacks for old versions of IE 6 - 9. So if the site doesn't look quite right for you and you're using an old browser, please upgrade your browser. I don't anticipate this impacting many people because IE 9 and below users make up only like 0.2% of our traffic.

If you're using a relatively modern browser and notice weirdness, please let me know and I'll get it fixed.


Browse PaperDemon more securely

Posted by BogusRed

A change to has gone out today to add https support. When you login to PaperDemon, your username and password will be encrypted so that others can't eavesdrop on the data connection and steal your password. You should also see a green lock in your browser when on the login page.

Please test it out. There's bound to be a few mixed content bugs around the site. If you see any, please notify me.