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Completed: Oct 17, 2007

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A picture I did for a contest held by Redangel at We were to draw her two character's Liara and Lucious using the descriptions she gave us. 

Character Concepts (c) to Redangel
Character design (c) to me

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Wow, this is amazing! The sparkles are just plain awesome. The blue and the purple clothing really contrasts well. ^-^


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costume & background = Heart
try enlarging the girl's eyes just a bit. it will look more like she's younger and more timid if her eyes are larger than the boy's.

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A nice looking couple, great job Kenji Thumbs Up

I like the costume design for the guy, gives a kind of sense of a wizrd or lord and the sparkles are quite lovely.

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This is so nice. The sparkles give it such a magical touch and I love the colouring job you did. The clothes and their expressions look very good.

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Very nice^^

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very nice! Thumbs Up Love the coloring job. And the sparklies really add a cool magical element XD

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How pretty! The colouring is really nice and I love their expressions.

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Wow. I love the girl's face, she's very pretty. Smile


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