Posted Apr 7, 2007, 3:44:10 AM
before you Vinni Fangirls eat me alive,
let me explain his hair gets cut more than you know and it will grow
back, recently in RP stuff he had a slight run in with a
man eating plant and was tangled in vines by
his hair and it was either cut it or die.. .
so he cut his hair.
He currently likes, it he can finally spike his hair

sketched on a white 4x6 index card
pose ref, 20mins

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  • Apr 6, 2007
    Great drawing,but .. i know how lame am i e.e..but can you please explain to me who he is?
    • Apr 6, 2007
      heyo, no no lame!
      He's a personal char of mine.
      better known over on dA who's gotten some fans who tend to kill me when his normally long hair gets changed x_x;
      • Apr 6, 2007
        Hey change is good..or at least they can apprieciate his hair that much more when it grows back, or something to that affect ^_^. Anyways whats your DA account/pin name I would like to see your work..if possible?
        • Apr 6, 2007
          I would agree. this time though
          they seem to like the shorter hair on him lol so I think I've been spared.

          here ya go hun,
          my name there is the same here
          'sonettie' ^_^

          • Apr 6, 2007
            Thanks, i'm looking forward to it^_^...dont get me wrong, i'm not trying to be a newcommer What?
            • Apr 10, 2007
              XD no worries!
              • Apr 10, 2007
                oh good, its some people get intimadated ^_^, why i dont know- look how innocent i am Innocent...XD
                • Apr 11, 2007
                  yeah I've run into people like that. x.x one person turned me into another site for 'stalking' him when all I asked was if he had an account somewhere else because I had seen one of his drawings else where
                  • Apr 11, 2007
                    omg, some people are either too full of themselves or just plain ignorant! X<




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