Reason Is But An Illusion

Posted Jun 20, 2007, 5:56:38 AM

You say that this is wrong; Why does no one stop us?
You say that we'll be caught; Why has no one found us?
You say that I'll regret this; Did you see that in a vision?
You ask me for a motive; Reason is but an illusion.

Spoiler here.

Sasuke falls in love with Caroline, but she's already in love with Neji. Caroline sees Sasuke as a friend, but unlike Naruto, Sasuke won't settle with being a friend. Up in about the twenty-fifth chapter of  "The Half Moon Personified: The Avenger", Sasuke manages to corner Caroline one night, and that's when this scene takes place.

In the poem's third verse, Sasuke's kind of mocking Caroline's ability to see into the future.

Just remember: you read at your own risk. :)

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  • Jun 20, 2007
    *waves hand* I can help ^^

    Right- So I'm gonna give you a roast, so hold onto your chair- butit's ok, cause I like my meat medium, not well done Wink

    My first thing- if you're useing a photo manipulating program, opt out the grey areas by using levels or threshold. That'll make it black and white (without invisible arms becoming visible mysteriously)- easy quality control Wink

    Now the line art it'self. I've attached a visual critique of how I believe their head should be layed out. The girl's forehead appears very high and flat because her eeline is a little high- should be about half way up her face. that'l lower her hair line and make it less drastic with the fringe. The top of her head is a little flat too- if you look at the lines I put on yours, it vaguely follows he shape of the head (a head isn't a circle, but it' close enough)

    For most of it, Sasuke is done well. Just the way you've cut his jaw line makes him look like he has a weak chin. If the angle is steeper, then it give him his Bishounen jaw line which is smooth rather than a ridgid square one Yes

    Points I like- she REALLY has a freaked out expression (personally, I'd love it if Sasu threw himself at me but hey Wink :giggleSmilewhich really suits the 'using' situation. Even though you can't see Sasu's face, he still looks very cool and collected :3

    So yeah- hope it helps! Kising ain't the easiest scene to draw XD I normally fight them for days before finding a referance on google XD I sux0r at the Xor XD LOLS!
    Image attached