Guns and Lace

Posted Aug 15, 2007, 12:28:35 AM

A friend of mine has been bugging me for a RoyXReesa picture since... I was born, it seems and so here it is. The concept evolved around the first rule that Roy plans to enact upon becoming Fuhrer. All women soldiers must wear miniskirts. So, I thought it would be nice of Reesa to grant Roy his little edict a bit early.

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  • Aug 15, 2007
    Laughing I see exactly why he wants that and it's SO kind of her to give him exactly what he wants...*evil grin* He must make sure to "reward" her for her "attention" to his needs. Love this, the shading is perfect (I see some things I'm going to have to try for), I like the textures on their clothes, and the poses are well drawn and very in character for them too.
    • Aug 16, 2007
      I think it's a good demonstration of the balance of power between them. Riza is definitely an assertive, yet feminine woman and Roy isn't the type to let anyone walk all over him (or is he? Tongue).

      I like to experiment a lot with textures and shading. It gives everything a very unique style. If you want to know how I did anything in particular, just ask Big Smile
      • Aug 16, 2007
        Giggle Depends on what they're wearing.... But it *is* a good example of their relationship.

        The shading on Riza's upraised leg, did you get the different shades by going lighter with the base color and layering the lighter shades with smaller brush strokes? I like to use a fuzz brush like that but do you do it differently?
        • Aug 18, 2007
          I do things so differently than anyone I know... it's kind of funny.

          Her stocking base was done in a darker color and then I altered the opacity. Then I did two layers, one thick light line and one thicker darker shade at the bottom of her leg. Then I selected about half of each line and Gaussian blurred it and smoothed it out with the blur tool.
          • Aug 20, 2007
            I'm going to have to try that, I've never used Gaussian blur since I never really figured out what it does. And doing things differently is very good sometimes Smile
            • Aug 20, 2007
              I think my techniques give my art a unique look to it. Now I'm working on creating textures more than shading. Yay for experimentation Big Smile
  • Nov 25, 2007
    Wow! Fantastic picture of Roy/Riza! Their expressions are so very eloquent.
    • Nov 30, 2007
      I like Riza's the best. I had her biting at her lower lip in the outline, but I don't think I quite pulled it off when I colored it.