Posted Aug 16, 2007, 5:19:21 AM

I drew this at school in my planner. For now, she's one of the girl with the biggest breast between my OCs.

OC in the serie with Lilith http://www.paperdemon.com/art/view/12933.html and Dark http://www.paperdemon.com/art/view/13036

Name: Nyx
Age: 18
Height: 168 cm
Weight: "Not obese, not anorexic..."
Hair Colour: Dark violet "Yes, it is their natural colour... That means in "other places" also..."
Eye Colour: Purple
Skin Colour: Beige
Blood Type: "Will you stop questioning already?!"
Likes: Bubble gums, wearing tight and revealing clothes, video games, movies, pretty boys
Dislikes: loud sounds/voices, people who don't know when to surrender, nerds/geeks, hot springs
Quote: "My bubblegum is black, got a problem with that?"
Measurements: 92-61-94 "I'm not a whore whatever stereotypes tell you T_T"

Media: Black ballpen only.
Nyx from YAMINO © Me

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  • Sep 3, 2007
    very cool
  • Aug 21, 2007
    Oh, very nice <3 I love your attention to detail x3

    .....violet hare in other places..? ..XD

    Yume: and they said my shorts were low cut....

    Is that a thong? XD
    • Aug 21, 2007
      Thanks~! X3

      Nyx: Yep. Even... Down there >.> *whisper* I shave though ;3

      Ah yes that's a thong XD!

      Nyx: I'm conscious that my thong is showing. TxT I'M NOT A BITCH.
      • Aug 21, 2007
        Yume: me neither.. I just dress in a "questionable manner" sometimes ^^

        Well, it's a very lovely thong.. does it have gems in the back, like some of those fancy ones? XD
        • Aug 23, 2007
          Nyx: T_T No it's just a plain white thong. I don't like wearing jewels and stuf!

          Questionable manner XD;;
          • Aug 23, 2007
            Yume: oh good...I saw someone wearing one of those thongs once, wasn't pretty O.o ...yes.. *cough* . questionable manner XD
  • Aug 15, 2007
    The shading is wonderful, and I LOVE the way you did her body!
    • Aug 16, 2007
      Thank you! I wanted to give her a more "athletic" looks by giving a bit more builds as well as more waist XD.
      • Aug 16, 2007
        Well, I'm not very familiar with the female anatomy, all I can say is that she's hot. XD