I am Lord Voldemort.

Posted Aug 16, 2007, 4:55:06 PM

a snake head to save my life.
And I think that the kid-Riddle's cloths are the saddest most boring cloths I ever painted.
BUT at least I finished something more serious than a silly comic. Even if it's still fanart.
So the thing itself.
You can see I drew Voldemort from three different stages of his life, each time with some dear object of his - Riddle from the orphenage with a cardboard box - which doesnt really look cradboardish but mmkay - with things he stole from the other kids, Hogwarts-days-Riddle with his infamous diary, and Voldemort with Nagini and.. Avada Kedavra as it seems. xD
I have progress shots and close-ups if anyone's interested, I'm just too tired to do it and not knowing if anyone wants it anyways. So ask, and I'll submit them too.

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  • Aug 16, 2007
    Wow, this is drawn extremely well. The coloring sets a mood and the details are seen, but sadly not to much of them. I would love to see the close up of your work!
    • Aug 17, 2007
      Thank you ^_^ I submitted the close ups and progress shots to my WIP gallery. :]