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Time To Die Poor Mates

Posted Aug 27, 2007, 4:54:32 AM

(Descrip copied from y!gallery)

Wallpaper-sized for your convenience.

This is my sci-fi OC Dr. Adon, turned into a Victorian-era vampire for a steampunk AU thing.  I actually think I like vampire!Joseph better than doctor!Joseph. XD

I'm actually not done colouring this picture yet, but I was done enough to make a wallapaper. I've still gotta colour his stupid hat before the whole thing's done. Plus, his cloak probably needs some work. But in the mean time, I made this wallpaper for my desktop, and I'm far too pleased with the way the picture's turning out, so I thought I'd share. I guess technically this is a WIP? Whatever.

Digital colouring is hard work. After having poured probably 8 hours into the colouring on this so far, I have newfound respect for all of you who do this on a regular basis. Also, I don't understand how you make it look so easy...ARGH. I'm probably not going to do anything else realistically shaded, smoothed, and lineless for a while. @_@ (Especially not when I don't have a reference for anything! What the hell am I doing without a lighting reference? o.O)

Lyrics from 'The Kinslayer' by Nightwish.

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  • Aug 27, 2007
    I really like how you drew the blood here, That is something ive had trouble with of late. the character seems very interesting and i love the contrasting colours. The quote that is on the picture makes me want to know more!!!
    • Aug 27, 2007
      ...yeah, I'd kind of like to know more, too. XD But he's a bit taciturn, so I never know what's going on unless I follow him around with a hidden camera. And even then, I'm apt to get shot at. ^^;

      I'm glad you like it! I wish I could give you pointers on how I drew the blood to help you, but to be honest, I have no clue what I was doing. ^^;;; Good luck!