Posted Sep 12, 2007, 4:02:08 AM

My first work of art on this site, cool. ^^

I was bored and I couldn't get inspiration to write so I did a few sketches of what I think the Autobots holo-forms would look like. I'm working on learning to draw robots, but that may take a while..... ^^;
Anyway, here's Jazz! It was so sad when he was ripped apart by Megatron. T_T He was all ready to blast some Decepticon aft and then....he was no more. :cries:
Wow, his character design is something I haven't attempted before. I was stepping out of my comfort zone for him, but I rather like how it turned out! ^_^
I kept his visor, it just didn't quite seem like him until I added it. He was so fun to do, I may have to draw more pics o' him!

Jazz (c) Hasbro

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