Posted Sep 20, 2007, 4:07:51 AM

My guardian. Though, at the time that I drew this, I didn't acknoledge the thought. The name was something I heard and it basically "flicked" a switch on in my brain that made be come to realize my own personal... angel. Yes indeed. Though in this picture his wings are VERY metaphorical (see that they don't actually connect into his back) but... He has them. XD They are just much bigger than pictured here. (What can I say? I'm lazy) And yes... He is supposed to be emo. XP



Kylan belongs to Angela Knapp

(I'm not kidding... Steal him and I will become canibal)

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  • Sep 20, 2007
    I love his hair x33 and I love emo boys^^ ( you color greatly also x3)
  • Sep 19, 2007
    >w< I love Kyan! He's such a cute emo...yes, yes!

    And you always rock with traditional media, Syan hun!!
    • Sep 20, 2007
      Adorable little Nymphomaniac. I'm happy you like him though! *squee*

      Awww. Well thanks hunny. But I don't rock as much as you. <3




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