Just Two

Posted Oct 5, 2007, 9:11:28 PM

Here is a fun style sketch that I did for practice. I was trying to see which facial style I am best at...so that I know what to mostly draw. I swear, I feel like I have four styles and I can never decide what I do best, you know?

Well, anyway. Here you are.

A sketch. :-)

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  • Oct 5, 2007
    Very nice! Smile I like their expressions :3

    Just one thing: the right eye on the left girl is lower than the other one, it also seems much larger than it should be~
    • Oct 9, 2007
      Hey, thank you so much for the coment. I agree, the eye is too big, and...not where it should be, lol. Thank you for pointing it out. :-)




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