Off in the Distance - sketch

Posted Jan 7, 2008, 11:24:10 PM

Original description on deviantART:

Felt like drawing Tallon again, only with the redesign I did on his outfit. Gonna ink and color this, but wanted to upload the sketch cuz of how pleased I am with how it turned out. =) Who cares that his legs seem a little disproportionate? Best I could get them, so I'll live with it.
Added Arroe in almost as an afterthought since I almost never draw him. That and I figure he's the wings in this since I drew Tallon without his. This outfit doesn't allow his wings to be out when he has his vest on. Instead, the shirt underneath is designed so that his wings can move freely without damaging his clothing; the "neckline" goes to his middle-back. :grin:
Oh, and I wanted to see how Tallon would look with his hair tied back. Works for me. =]

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