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Piper's Opinion

Posted Dec 15, 2008, 8:21:31 PM

This requires a bit of explanation: at JLU MUX (visit us at and stop in!), I play Trickster. We were at the Gallery, which is the Rogues bar in Central City, and Piper was explaining the unique relationship amongst the Rogues to Kinetic, an original young hero.

Piper was saying how Evan was not the original Mirror Master and that the original had retired; he was discussing how, at times, Evan can be objectionable and how they put up with him, but that he doesn't necessarily manage to be on particularly close terms with the rest of the Rogues all the time.

I was tired and Trickster was drunk, and at first I misread it as 'The original retard.' Which was especially funny to me as Piper was literally beaming as he said it.

I spent the next five minutes laughing fitfully!

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