Au Ban & Jak

Posted Dec 21, 2008, 4:12:53 AM

I did this as an award Base for the Feudal Association. It's for best AU/AR.

Anyway... I've been wanting to do a pic of Kusao Bankotsu & Hibiya Jackson aka Jakotsu for a while now, so here they are. And if you're wondering why they're nto wearing their Shichinintain "makeup" it's becasue  in my AU which thsi is based off of, they don't. :-9


Please note that in my AU they're older than they were when they appeared in Inuyasha, hense Ban's grey hair. *laughs*


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  • Dec 22, 2008
    OMG!! I forget about PD for a while and when I come back I find THIS Absolutely FanTastic piccie!

    The colours! The faces! The texture for Jyak's fur! This is sooooo WOW!!

    I adore your Ban and Jak so much!!

    Hot dang they are soooo incredible sexy attractive and 'gotta do the double-take" when they pass you by!




    and.. I has fingers crossed for your story at FA!! *Smirks*
    • Dec 22, 2008
      *blushes* Thank you.

      *blushes even more* Thanks...

      I'm so glad that you do! I have so much fun with & it's nice to know that other people like them too! Big Smile

      *giggles* A pity they aren't real, eh? ;p

      *bows at you as well*

      *turns beet red* thank you...^^;

      And thanks! *huggles* I found my Ban/Jak one was nominated when I went to vote! XD Did you do the honors? If so thank you very much!*glomp* (I hope it does well.)

      • Jan 1, 2009
        Oh yes!! I nommed it!! and another I do believe! I frowned when I wen through the list and you weren't there!

        You need to be! *HUGS* You make so much art for Us at the FA!

        Yes... I am partial to Jak/Bank!

        • Jan 2, 2009
          Thanks! *glomp* I'm so glad I can thank you like this!

          XD You're making me blush. I like to. So if you need anything let me know. ;p

          YAY!! Big Smile I love them too! DUH! ;p We need more Ban/Jak goodness! Big Smile
  • Dec 21, 2008
    Always did like the way you did colors, and this am great! Wink