Posted Mar 29, 2009, 5:22:52 AM

This is a bright dreamlike moment encompassing the state of spirit whilst progressing.  As it is so often when we make headway we don't quite fly but kinda float tumble upward.  Rare and blissful.

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  • Mar 30, 2009
    ...I love this. Fav'ed. Favorite
    This piece nearly describes those feelings you attain during a lucid dream... Thank you. You've made my day.
    • Mar 30, 2009
      And You Made Mine.....Thank You~! What a great affirmation to what I set out to do.
      • Mar 31, 2009
        No, thank you for materializing my favorite part of life. The unreal ones, xDDD
  • Mar 29, 2009
    This reminds me of Waking Life in all the best ways. Lovely colour, great composition... I'd frame this, easy. 8D
    • Mar 30, 2009
      You've an eye and thank you.....I like the color also (smiles) I wasn't sure if it was going to fly with all the powerful cool whites and black.