Cari & Kam

Posted Apr 13, 2009, 2:40:51 AM UTC
Lame title is lame. But Kam and Cari are cute. Kam is Petya's BFF and he's got a sweet spot for Gianni's twin sister. While Gianni would never agree to going out to the beach with all four of them like a double date, I still think this turned out cute.

It was based on an image of Sophia Loren with a black man from a film called "100 Rifles" apparently (well Cari draped over his back part is). I can't find it anymore but if I need to upload it to PB or something, lemme know. I realize now that Kam's legs are entirely too short (especially given his height) but I don't feel like going back and fixing it.
Petya's legs, Kamau (the tasty black man) © Megu
Cari and Gianni's legs © me

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