Negs pulls a Joker...part 1

Posted May 11, 2009, 3:44:25 AM

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This was mainly a practice in drawing Negaduck in a comic book format. It's meant to be a parody/homage of a scene in Legends of the Dark Knight #106 with Negs replacing the Joker...because we all love a bit of super-villain Foe-Yay! now and again. I'm working this scene into a story I've had fermenting for a looooong ass time...and just now started writing on again. I may just get around to posting it someday...

In brief, Darkwing's been hospitalized due to a fight with some newer, younger villains and a now teen-aged Gosalyn ends up having to deal with the Fearsome Five Four and one very reluctant Bushroot who are trying to prove they're still the biggest, baddest group of bad-ass super-villains in St. Canard. Shame nobody told Negs about this... He worked so hard on getting enough chlorine trifluoride to vaporized half the East Coast only to get stood up by his arch-nemesis.

The layout, original dialogue, and comic are form Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #106 "Duty Part 2" (May 1998), with the full credits listed on the linked picture. This page was based off the first page featured. I'm still working on coloring and lettering the second page.
All rights to the original comic and it's characters belong to DC. Negaduck belongs to Disney.

Original comic credits:
Writer: C.J. Henderson
Penciller: Trevor von Eeden
Inker: Joe Rubinstein
Letterer: Willie Schubert

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