Shadows of War

Posted Jul 22, 2009, 6:55:45 PM

 Inspired by manga chapters 94-95 - not strictly yaoi, but if you want to see it that way I'm not going to argue ;)

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  • Jan 29, 2018
    I like how you drew the fabric of their uniforms.
    (Poor Hughes...)
  • Jul 6, 2010
    really nice work. I love their poses, and that you can see it as both yaoi ore just friendship.
    • Jul 9, 2010
      Thanks! Corky Smile I was hoping it would be vague enough that, if you see it in the manga, you can see it here, and if you don't...
  • Aug 8, 2009
    Awe- Maes T.T He was may favourite character T.T It's nice to see him all fatherly to Roy ^^
    • Aug 10, 2009
      He was such a good character! ;_;

      Thanks! He always seemed like the kind to be fatherly to anyone. And he and Roy were obviously close, so this seemed natural Smile
      • Oct 14, 2009
        I loved how he was so annoying to Roy, yet you knew it was Fatherly love ^^ He could've gone somewhere in his job, but he chose to stay in Roy's shadow and help him get to the top. Maes is wonderful ^^
        • Oct 15, 2009
          He really is. I just love how they were obviously close, but always giving each other a hard time. And how much Maes supported Roy. I knew I had to give them a tribute Smile